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Learn how to make soft toys! DIY stuffed animals, rag dolls, baby blankets and other cute plushies, softies and stuffies to fill your children’s play room with adorable customized toys!

Create awesome gifts for kids and children’s room or nursery room decor.  PDF sewing patterns are available for instant download.


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Do you enjoy sewing for children?

Have you always wanted to make your own stuffed toy but thought it would be too hard?

Are you looking for a unique and special gift for your children or grandchildren that was made with only them in mind?

You’ve come to the right place!

Enjoy toy making at home!

Sew Cute Patterns is more than just your ordinary pattern shop.  It’s a imaginative place with a mission to inspire creativity and togetherness in a fun and easy way!  Here you’ll learn how to make a stuffed animal and how to make soft toys!  Download cute stuffed animal patterns and design and sew your own unique critters!  Sewing patterns are also available to make darling raggedy dolls, cuddly baby blankets and pillows and other adorable plushies, softies and stuffies! Sew a giant 36″ plush crayon or plush pencil in your child’s favorite colors for fun kids room decor!  Some toy patterns include fun activity pages to make the toy making process even more fun, creative and interactive.  Storybook patterns include fun short bedtime stories for kids.  The bedtime story is also a coloring book so children can color and design their own storybook.  Read the story, color the pages and create the characters!  Fun, easy and interactive! Children love to be part of the creative process.  Their imaginations are amazing and endless.  You can also shop soft toy pattern books and save!  Easy sewing patterns, perfect for beginners!

Shop story patterns!

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Take a test drive with a free pattern!

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    Holiday patterns are also available!
Create your own unique holiday decor.

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 Simple stuffed toy patterns to make your own cuddly toy!
Beginner stuffed animal patterns!
Cool sewing projects!
Fun soft toy pattern books!
 Enjoy browsing for your next sewing project!

You will enjoy instant download access to your sewing pattern.  Start sewing immediately!

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