Create a loving memory along with your cute plush toy! Our Sewing with Mommy & Me pattern collection can help you do that!  

Here you'll find cute and easy sewing patterns to help you make a unique and adorable plush toy, plush animal, rag doll, pillow pal, blanket buddy or apron for kids.  Perfect gift or room decor for both boys and girls!  

You will enjoy instant download access to your sewing pattern after purchase.  Start sewing immediately! Sewing patterns will be downloaded in PDF file format and are designed to print on standard paper sizes. See pattern download information page for more details. Click here for step by step help.  Free shipping on all PDF patterns. 

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plush kitty cat sewing pattern
Plush Snooze Fest Kitty Sewing Pattern

Sewing Bee University!

If you're new to sewing, check out Sewing Bee University or SBU for short! Meet Wilma, the SBU mascot.  Isn't she bee-utiful?  She's here to help you learn some sewing basics. Sew Cute patterns are beginner and intermediate level but it does help to know some basic sewing terms and techniques if you're new to sewing to help create your awesome new toy!
sewing tips and techniques
Wilma the Sewing Bee

Durtle the Turtle Gets Lost

Our plush sea turtles pattern includes the story of Durtle the sea turtle and how he gets lost.  Will he find his mom and dad?  Download your free copy of the coloring storybook and find out!  Kids can color the coloring pages while you read the story. Then download the patterns to sew your own adorable characters!  Creates a lovely memory.  Kids will love to help their own Durtle the turtle find his mom and dad! 

plush animal sewing pattern, plush sea turtle sewing pattern
Plush Sea Turtles Sewing Pattern

Cute under the sea sewing patterns!

These cute plush under the sea sewing patterns will help you create adorable plush fish friends and other ocean critters.  Kids will dive right into fun time with these plush cuties!  Sew your own plush fish tank!  Try sewing our free whale pillow pal!
plush dolphin animal sewing pattern
Dolphin Plush Animal Sewing Pattern

Sea turtle pattern! Support WWF!

A portion of every sea turtle sewing pattern sale will go to adopt a sea turtle and support the World Wildlife Fund!  The WWF is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species.  Pick your favorite colors and stitch your own snuggly sea creatures!

This cuddly sea creature makes a great pet!

Plush Sea Turtle Sewing Pattern

Support PAWS Chicago!

A portion of every my puppy family and attack cat sewing pattern sale will go to support PAWS Chicago.  PAWS Chicago is the city's largest no-kill humane organization.  Kids will love their own colorful collection of puppies!
plush animal sewing patterns
My Puppy Family Plush Animal Sewing Patterns

We bought a zoo!

No wait, I mean...we stitched a zoo!  Sew your own adorable plush baby zoo animals!  The plush ones are easier to take care of.  Kids will love to snuggle with their new baby animal friends.  Help them develop their zoo keeper skills.  Shop Baby Zoo Sewing Patterns

March of the Penguins!

Our March of the Penguins sewing pattern helps you create fun and interactive plush toys you can use to teach children about the life of the emperor penguins.  Your new plush penguins have an egg pouch at the bottom of the body to keep their baby egg warm, just like the real emperor penguins!  Includes baby penguin and plush egg patterns.
march of the penguins sewing pattern
March of the Penguins Sewing Pattern

Rag doll patterns!

Rag doll sewing patterns create unique versions of the classic Raggedy Ann doll.  Adorable cloth dolls with classic yarn hair.  Also create storybook classics like Little Red Riding HoodJack & JillMiss Muffet or Johnny AppleseedShop rag doll patterns

Rag doll Tabitha has a magic mouse blanket that makes wishes come true!  This rag doll pattern includes the story of Tabitha and her magic blanket.  Read the story and sew your own magic hoodie blanket!
rag doll sewing pattern
Rag Doll Tabitha & her Magic Mouse Blanket Sewing Pattern

Fun plush toy sewing patterns!

Pick your favorite Crayola color and sew a large 13" or giant 55" plush crayon!  If only we had a pattern for a giant coloring book...  Fun children's room decor!  

plush crayon sewing pattern
Plush Crayon Sewing Pattern


Sew Cute children's pillow,  blanket and snooze fest patterns help design, create and sew the perfect bedtime or naptime accessories. Children (and adults) will love to snuggle with their own pillow pals and blanket buddies!  Take a nap on a cupcke pillow!

Here at Sew Cute, we take naptime very seriously.

Our naptime pattern packs create all the tools you need for the perfect nap.  Pillow, blanket and of course a naptime buddy!  Perfect packs to take along to grandma's house or their first sleepover. Their first night away from home is a little less scary when they can take their little pals with them!

Naptime pack themes include forest friendsnaptime palsteddy bear and even under the sea!

Our forest friends naptime pack includes an adorable fox blanket, owl pillow pal and our exclusive "wake me in the spring" bear to make naptime, bedtime and sleepovers extra fun!

plush animal pillow and blanket sewing patterns
Forest Friends Naptime Sewing Patterns

Holiday Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day patterns are also available!

No need to wait for snow to have a snowball fight!  Have an indoor snowball fight anytime when you sew your own plush snowballs!  Create an adorable burlap snowman doorstop or stitch a cute baby bootie or ice skate ornament for the tree! A cute plush owl embroidered with "Owl Always Love You" is an adorable way to show someone how much you care on Valentine's day.

plush snowman sewing pattern
Burlap Snowman Sewing Pattern
plush animal valentines day sewing pattern
Owl Always Love You Sewing Pattern

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