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Sew Cute Patterns will show you how to sew a unique and adorable plush toy to create a special and loving gift for the little (or even not so little) ones in your life!

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Storybook doll sewing patterns include the classic The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly. Create the doll and all of the animals she swallows. Her stomach can fit them all so children can play along while you read the story.

Sew Cute Patterns include rag doll sewing patterns to create unique versions of the classic Raggedy Ann doll.  Adorable cloth dolls with yarn hair.   

Plush animal critter patterns are so adorable and easy to sew.  Puppies and kitties and penguins, oh my!  A new pet to love with no potty training!

Make someone's birthday special with a giant 12" plush cupcake pal.  Giant plush ice cream cones and sandwiches are so much fun to sew with none of the calories!  Pick your favorite Crayola color and sew a mini or giant plush crayon!  If only we had a pattern for a giant coloring book.... 

Sew Cute pillow and blanket patterns help design, create and sew the perfect bedtime or nap time companions. Children (and adults!) will love to snuggle with their mouse hoodie blanket or cupcake pillow!

Sewing with Mommy (& Daddy) and me patterns include designer coloring pages so you and your little one can design your new friend or pillow before you begin sewing. Create a memory that will last as long as their new plush friend!

You will enjoy immediate access to your pattern after purchase. Patterns will be downloaded in PDF file format and are designed to print on standard paper sizes. Free shipping on all PDF patterns!  Paper patterns are also available upon request. 

Email us a picture of your Sew Cute creation so we can post it on our Sew Cute Customer Creations page for everyone to admire!  Show off your creativity!

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