If you enjoy sewing for children you've come to the right place!  Here you'll find cute and easy patterns to help you sew your own soft toys and plushies.  Create awesome gifts for kids and children's room or nursery room decor.  Learn how to make a stuffed animal, rag doll, fleece blanket or other soft toy! Click to start shopping!

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toy patterns
Sew Cute Patterns is more than just your ordinary pattern shop. It’s a creative place with a mission to inspire creativity and togetherness. Our special Sewing with Mommy & Me pattern collection can help you create a precious memory with the addition of coloring pages and children's short stories.  Check out Sew Cute story time.  Read the story and create the characters! Children can use the coloring pages to help design their new toy.  Children love being part of the creative process.  Their imaginations are amazing and endless.
pillow patterns, toy patterns, plushie patterns, patterns for kids
soft toy patterns

There is something amazing that happens when you give a gift that you've made yourself.  Gift-giving becomes a gift in and of itself. There are few greater joys in life than knowing that someone would take the time to create a gift that is made for only you.  It becomes even more amazing when you design and create it together.  

You will enjoy instant download access to your sewing pattern after purchase.  Start designing and sewing immediately.  See pattern download information page for more details. Click here for step by step help.  Free shipping on all PDF patterns. 

Free Stuffed Animal Pattern!

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Short Stories for Kids

Story time is a great time to connect with your children and grandchildren.  Check out Sew Cute stories for kids.  Patterns are available to create your own characters from the stories.  Kids will love to hear the story and play along with their own handmade characters!

short stories for kids
patterns with children's stories

Sewing for Kids!

Free Sewing Patterns for Kids

Take a test drive and download one of our free sewing patterns!

Sewing Bee

If you're new to sewing, check out Sewing Bee University or SBU for short! Meet Wilma, the SBU mascot.  Isn't she bee-utiful?  She's here to help you learn some sewing basics. Sew Cute patterns are beginner and intermediate level but it does help to know some basic sewing terms and techniques if you're new to sewing to help create your awesome new toy!
sewing tips and techniques
Wilma the Sewing Bee

Free Pillow Patterns!

Make a unique and fun pillow every month with your children and grandchildren.  Keep the creativity and fun flowing all year long!  The monthly seasonal pillow pattern includes 12 pillow patterns and is free with any other pattern purchase.*   Use buttons, pompoms, plastic jewels or other fun craft items to decorate your pillows. 

*excludes free patterns

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Custom Teddy Bear

Pick your favorite fabric and we'll make the teddy bear!
custom made teddy bear
custom made teddy bear


Here at Sew Cute, we take naptime very seriously.  Successful naps require the perfect set of accessories, including an adorable pillow, cozy blanket and of course a cuddly snoozefest companion.

Sew Cute pillow patternsbaby blanket patterns and snoozefest patterns help design and create the perfect bedtime or naptime accessories. Take a nap on a cupcake pillow!

snoozefest, baby blanket patterns, animal patterns, pillow patterns

Cool Sewing Projects

What could be cooler than a giant plush crayon, ice cream cone, donut or cupcake?!?  How about a plush hot dog pal or plush snowballs?  You really can't get much cooler than that!

Plush crayon patterns are available in 13", 36" or ginormous 55" sizes.  Make a whole crayon box in your favorite Crayola colors!  If only we had a pattern for a giant coloring book....

Single or double scoop ice cream cone?  You can make both!  Ice cream cones are a delicious 22" when finished.  All of the fun with none of the calories.  What could be sweeter?  Or cooler?  :)

cool sewing projects

Crayon Toys

plush crayon pal pattern

Sewing patterns to create plush crayons in all sorts of shapes and sizes!  Create a whole crayon collection in your favorite Crayola colors!  Choose from 13", 36" or 55" sizes!  Make awesome kids room decor.  Perfect homemade gift for both boys and girls.

Finished versions of the 36" crayon pal are also available to purchase!