Sew Cute sewing patterns will help you sew a unique and adorable plush toy, pillow or blanket for the little (or even not so little!) ones in your life.  Create your own unique homemade gift for any special occasion or no occasion at all.  Design it together with you and your child and you'll create a memory that will last longer than the toy! 

Snooze Fest Kitty Pattern
New Valentine's day patterns now available!  Show someone how much they mean to you with an adorable critter that you made yourself.  Shop Valentine patterns
Valentine's Day plush owl sewing pattern
Owl Always Love You Valentine Pattern
valentine penguin sewing pattern
Valentine Penguin Pattern
plush bunny rabbit sewing pattern
Somebunny Loves Me Pattern
Sew Cute animal critter patterns are so adorable and easy to sew.  Puppies and kittens and penguins, oh my!  Even a giant 22" attack cat! A new pet to love with no potty training.

plush kitty cat sewing pattern
Giant Attack Cat Sewing Pattern

A portion of every sea turtle sewing pattern sale will go to adopt a sea turtle and support the World Wildlife Fund!  The WWF is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. 
plush sea turtle sewing pattern
Sea Turtle Sewing Pattern
A portion of every my puppy family sewing pattern sale will go to support PAWS Chicago.  PAWS Chicago is the city's largest no-kill humane organization. 
plush puppy instant download sewing pattern
My Puppy Family Sewing Pattern

We bought a zoo!  No wait...we stitched a zoo!  Sew your own adorable plush baby zoo animals!  The plush ones are easier to take care of!  Kids will love to snuggle with their new baby animal friends. 
plush giraffe sewing patternplush panda bear sewing patternplush penguin sewing pattern

plush leopard sewing pattern
My Baby Leopard Pattern

My Baby Octopus Pattern
plush elephant sewing pattern
My Baby Elephant Pattern
Our March of the Penguins sewing pattern helps you create fun and interactive plush toys you can use to teach children about the life of the emperor penguins.  Your new plush penguins have an egg pouch at the bottom of the body to keep their baby egg warm, just like the real emperor penguins!  Includes baby penguin and plush egg patterns.
March of the Penguins sewing pattern
March of the Penguins
Rag doll sewing patterns create unique versions of the classic Raggedy Ann doll.  Adorable cloth dolls with classic yarn hair. Shop rag doll patterns

Rag doll Tabitha has a magic mouse blanket that makes wishes come true!  This rag doll pattern includes the story of Tabitha and her magic blanket.

Tabitha has a blanket shaped like a mouse
It’s always with her when she leaves the house
She insists it has magic and makes wishes come true
But how that happens she hasn't a clue
The head of the blanket is a hoodie she wears
And make lots of wishes, as many as she dares
First the hoodie goes on her head 
Then wishes get wished laying down on her bed.....

rag doll sewing pattern
Tabitha Rag Doll Sewing Pattern
Storybook doll sewing patterns include the classic The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly. Children can play along while you read the story.  Also create Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & Jill, Miss Muffet or Johnny Appleseed.  Shop storybook doll patterns   

Make someone's birthday special with a giant 12" plush cupcake pal. Giant plush ice cream cones and sandwiches are so much fun to sew with none of the calories.
plush cupcake sewing pattern
Plush Cupcake Pattern
Or pick your favorite Crayola color and sew a mini or giant plush crayon!  If only we had a pattern for a giant coloring book...
plush crayon sewing pattern
Plush Crayons Pattern
Sew Cute children's pillow,  blanket and snooze fest patterns help design, create and sew the perfect bedtime or naptime companions. Children (and adults) will love to snuggle with their forest friends hoodie blankets and cupcake pillow!

plush toy elephant pillow sewing pattern
Baby Elephant Pillow Pattern

plush sleeping bear sewing pattern
Wake Me in the Spring Bear Pattern
teddy bear and moon and stars sewing pattern
Teddy Bear Naptime with Moon & Stars Pillow Pattern

monkey blanket sewing pattern
Monkey Hoodie Blanket Pattern
Sewing with Mommy (& Daddy) and me patterns include designer coloring pages so you and your little one can design your new friend or pillow before you begin sewing. Create a memory that will last as long as their new plush friend.  Shop Mommy & Me patterns
seasonal pillow sewing patterns
Seasonal Pillows Pattern
Giant and jumbo patterns create adorable pets and toys in jumbo size versions!  Stock up on the stuffing, there's a lot of love with these Sew Cute creations!  Shop giants and jumbos patterns
plush kitty cat sewing pattern
The Cat's Meow Pattern
Holiday Christmas and Halloween patterns are also available!  No need to wait for snow to have a snowball fight!  Have an indoor snowball fight anytime when you sew your own plush snowballs!  Create an adorable burlap snowman doorstop or stitch a cute baby bootie or ice skate ornament for the tree!  Shop Christmas winter patterns or  Shop Halloween patterns
snowman sewing pattern
Burlap Snowman Pattern
Download your free tooth pillow sewing pattern!  A fun way to greet the tooth fairy when she arrives.
free tooth fairy pillow pattern
Free Tooth Pillow Pattern
You will enjoy instant download access to your pattern after purchase.  Start sewing immediately! Patterns will be downloaded in PDF file format and are designed to print on standard paper sizes. Free shipping on all PDF patterns.

Email us a picture of your Sew Cute creation so we can post it on our Sew Cute Customer Creations page for everyone to admire.  Show off your creativity and we'll send you a coupon code for 40% off all your purchases for one month!

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