Sew Cute Patterns is more than just your ordinary pattern shop. It’s a creative place with a mission to inspire creativity and togetherness.  Here you'll find cute and easy sewing patterns to help you create a unique and adorable plush toy for the little (or even not so little) ones in your life and as well as a precious memory that will last longer than the toy!  

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pillow patterns, toy patterns, plushie patterns, patterns for kids
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Our special Sewing with Mommy & Me pattern collection can help you create that precious memory with the addition of coloring pages and children's stories.  Check out Sew Cute story time.  Read the story and create the characters! Children love being part of the creative process.  Their imaginations are amazing and endless.

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There is something amazing that happens when you give a gift that you've made yourself.  Gift-giving becomes a gift in and of itself. There are few greater joys in life than knowing that someone would take the time to create a gift that is made for only you.  It becomes even more amazing when you design and create it together.  

toy patterns, plushie patterns, patterns for kids, animal patterns
toy patterns

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The gift of handmade is a thoughtful gift that can make someone smile and bring joy to their life. Life is about creating those moments with people you love.  Experience this with their own children and grandchildren.  After all, life is too short to not enjoy life’s special moments with those precious little ones in our lives while they are still young. Children grow up before we know it but those childhood memories will be in their hearts forever.  

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Free seasonal pillow patterns with any pattern purchase! Includes 12 for each month of the year!

Make a unique and fun pillow every month with your children and grandchildren.  Keep the creativity flowing all year long!  A great way to connect and create a loving memory.  The monthly seasonal pillow pattern is free with any other pattern purchase.*

Pattern includes pattern pieces to create a January mitten, February heart, March shamrock, April umbrella, May flower, June butterfly, July star, August sun, September apple, October pumpkin, November leaf and December snowflake.

Pattern also includes coloring pages so you and your child or grandchild can plan how the pillow will look before you start.  Print multiple copies so you can design different versions and then pick your favorite!  You can decorate them will all sort of crafty items.  Try plastic jewels, fur, pompoms, foam, glitter, google eyes, even spiders for the October pillow.  Let the imaginations flow! Children love to be part of the creative process. Their imaginations are endless!

*excludes free patterns

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