Welcome to Sewing Bee University or SBU for short!

Meet Wilma, the SBU mascot!  Isn’t she bee-utiful?  She’s here to help you learn some sewing basics.

Sew Cute patterns are beginner and intermediate level but it does help to know some basic sewing terms and techniques to create your awesome new toy!

She also has some free patterns to try!

So let’s get started!  Click on each link to take you to the different sewing lessons.


Clipping inward seams

Fabric “right sides together”


Sewing a dart

Starting and finishing a stitch

Stitching an opening closed


Other helpful links!

Sources of supplies

Fabric stores

Free patterns!

Make a cute felt strawberry pin cushion!  No sewing machine required!

pin cushion pattern

felt strawberry pin cushion

Create a Donut shop!

plush food donut pattern

Donut shop pattern

Sew a cute set of green and speckled frogs!

Five green and speckled frogs

5 green and speckled frogs pattern

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