Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and feedback from our last pattern tutorial!

I hope you enjoyed sewing your plush owl or whale!  Click here to view the post if you missed it.  I love connecting with people and getting to know what you’d like to learn to sew or who you’re sewing for!  In our last post we learned how to sew a stuffed animal using no sewing machine at all.  Remember, sewing a plushie doesn’t need to be super hard!

Last time, we used a simple whipstitch to create a stuffed animal by hand! Today, let’s step it up a notch and dust off that sewing machine!  Let’s sew a set of adorable moon and stars pillows!  They make great nursery room and kids room decor!

A pattern with no seams makes it easier to stitch with a sewing machine.  When you transfer or trace the pattern onto the fabric, you can then use the lines as a guide when stitching.  Just stitch right along the line you drew on the fabric.

Let’s give it a try!   Download the moon and stars pillow pattern at the end of this post.  Remember, you can also whipstitch the moon and stars pillow by hand with no sewing machine like we did in the last owl and whale tutorial!  

free pillow patterns

If you’d like you can also download the moon and stars coloring page!  If you’re sewing for a little one, print out the coloring page ask them to color what they’d like their new pillows to look like. Then go find the perfect fabric!

We’re making a very simple pillow so the best fabric types are either flannel cotton or fleece.  They’ve both very soft very soft and both come in a huge selection of colors and patterns at any fabric store.  Fleece is softer but tend to cost a bit more per yard. If you sign up for the mailing list at Joann’s fabrics, they send out coupons all year round so you can save on your fabric purchase.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to stitch an opening closed.  I really struggled with this one when I first started sewing.  It seems simple but can be a bit tricky.  So if I couldn’t get it, I cheated a bit.  My cheat code for stitching an opening was a hot glue gun.  Works like a charm just one warning, once you hot glue that puppy shut, there is no undoing it!  Click here for a quick tutorial on stitching an opening closed.

So let’s get started!  First download the pattern pages and instructions.  The moon pattern prints on multiple pages so it’ll need to be taped together.  No worries, just match up the letters and use them as a guide to taping it together.  Tape along the dashed lines.

Stayed tuned for our next video…we’re going to really step up the fun with the addition of story time!

We would love to hear your comments, questions, struggles, suggestions and feedback!!  Send us a picture of your finished projects!  We LOVE to hear from you!  Please share this tutorial with someone who you think might enjoy it!  Send us an email at or leave a comment!

In addition to a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (pins, scissors, needle & thread) you will need:

  1. Fabric
    1. Flannel or fleece fabric is recommended for the pillows because of it’s softness
    2. Black felt fabric is recommended for the eyes
  2. Polyfill polyester stuffing
  3. Black embroidery floss and needle for the mouth

Till next time, happy stitching!




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Sew an adorable children’s pillow set! Free pillow patterns and tutorial!

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