Hi I’m Diana! I started Sew Cute Patterns in 2008 after spending years designing and creating plush toys for my own sons just for fun.  They outgrew their love of plush toys but I didn’t overgrow my love of making them.  Based in Chicago,  I created a sewing studio out of one of the bedrooms in my home and it’s my get away when creativity strikes. It’s a total mess of fabric, stuffing, plastic eyes, yarn, fur, glue guns and sewing machines but I love it!  

This is my cat Nox, my sewing assistant.  She’s there to make sure I don’t get things done as quickly as I could.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Loyola University of Chicago.  My business side and my creative side came together to create Sew Cute.  My creative side however took some practice. And when I say some, I mean lots!

I come from a long line of talented seamstresses who could sew anything from a simple rag doll to a beautiful wedding gown.  That of course meant these sewing superpowers would come naturally to any young seamstress-wanna-be down the same bloodline.  


That’s how it works?




At least not for me.  I struggled quite a bit with the simplest of sewing techniques.  For whatever reason, learning to sew an opening closed seemed almost impossible to me!  If I couldn’t get it right, I cheated and just glued it shut!  But practice really does make perfect.  Eventually it got much easier and I could not only create from an existing pattern but I could create the pattern myself.  

So I design patterns that are easy even for the “sewing isn’t my superpower” folks who would still like to make their own plush toys.  I also make intermediate level patterns for the “my sewing superpowers are getting better” folks that are ready to step it up a notch.  We’re full service here….

Let me help you unleash your sewing superpowers!! Let’s start filling up that toy box!  Design your own plush toy!

Thank you for visiting Sew Cute Patterns!  I hope you enjoy creating your new plushie as much as I enjoyed creating the pattern for it! Love and blessings to everyone for your support!

sewing is my superpower

This site is dedicated to my two beautiful sons, Nick and Alex.  I couldn’t be prouder of the gentlemen they’ve become.  Clearly the result of the dynamic parenting skills of their mama.  🙂  

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